Policies and Rates

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Supporting the changes in your life

At Transitions Therapy, we’ll help you sort through your perceptions, and empower you to make choices.

Policies and Rates


What you say in therapy, your records, and even your attendance are confidential. Exceptions include:

  • When you give written permission to release information
  • When your records are subpoenaed for legal reasons
  • The law requires that all instances of child, elder and dependent adult abuse be reported to the proper authorities.
  • We are legally bound to notify all potential victims when anyone makes a serious threat to kill another person.
  • We are ethically obliged to take appropriate precautions when a client threatens suicide.

With regard to treating minors

We protect the confidentiality of minors as well as adults. Although we recognize and honor the right of parents to be informed of their child’s progress, parents are not told the details of children’s therapy sessions. However, in order to protect a child, parents will be notified of the need for crisis intervention.


Please call to discuss our fee structure. Fees are payable at the beginning of each session by cash or check.


All clients are expected to pay by cash or check at the time of service. Upon request, we will provide you with a statement (super bill) at the end of each month. It will contain the information needed for you to bill your insurance company. There will be a $35.00 fee on any returned check.

Appointment cancellation

We require that 24 hours notice is given, or you will be charged for your cancelled appointment.


Any third party payor (e.g., insurance, EAP and PPO) does have a right to review your records, thereby impacting your right to confidentiality.

Your insurance may or may not cover our services. You will need to contact them to verify your coverage. When talking to your provider they will need to know that you are seeking services from a licensed marriage and family therapist.

The benefit of using insurance. Your insurance may pay for a portion of your therapy. You have paid your insurance premiums and should use your benefits whenever possible.

Considerations regarding using your mental health coverage are. Your level of privacy is impacted. If you are trying to apply for life/disability insurance/private health insurance, your company will have access to your mental health information as well as your medical history.

We will need to speak with your insurance company to initiate counseling and get approval based on a diagnosis. This means someone other than you will decide whether your therapy should be paid for and for how many sessions.

Your insurance company may require a medical evaluation in order to continue coverage. This may not be consistent with your choices.

We are not contracted with all health insurance or managed care companies.  However, we do provide clients with a monthly statement when requested.  If you have “out-of-network” mental/behavioral health coverage, you may be able to receive partial reimbursement from your insurance company, but it is your responsibility to verify the terms of your policy.

Our approach gives you the ability to take control over your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, leading to improvement in the quality of your life and relationships.

How can we help you?

Our goal is to help you move toward wholeness and develop strategies for enjoying what is rich and unique about you and your life. We all have basic automatic thoughts that, when triggered, evoke strong emotions and some times unconscious responses. By identifying the internal resources you have, we assist you and your family in building strategies for managing change, facing challenges, and moving toward healing.

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