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It is probably more common than you think, especially when it is something that seems socially acceptable, like drinking, shopping or eating. But that does not mean an addiction is good for you and prolonged and constant abuse can lead to serious health problems.

What is addiction, and when does it become a dependency?

Addiction is a condition that occurs when something becomes a habit that you find extremely hard to break. You may then develop a dependency towards your habit, needing to smoke or drink heavily, or to take drugs shop or gamble, every day. You find you can’t stop yourself even though you know what you are doing is harming you and affecting your friends and family.

Chemical dependency is a chronic, progressive fatal disease which is often characterized by denial. Please use the inventories and tools to assist you in looking at where you are with this issue today. You might also have a trusted family member or friend answer them on your behalf. It may be interesting to review answers from both perspectives.

Co-Dependency is in the category of addictions because it is at type of habitual behavior that is ultimately self destructive. Under the guise of helping others, Co-dependents focus on solving other’s problems.  They engage in activities such as worrying or giving advice, in an attempt to manipulate and control events and people. The more responsibility they assume for situations and problems that don’t belong to them, the more pressured and frustrated they become leaving them with no energy to address their own needs and desires. Denials, poor boundaries, poor communication skills often characterize co-dependency. Please use the inventories and tools to assist you in looking at where you are with this issue today.

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